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About Us

Two friends who have shared a love of art and fashion, found themselves collaborating on a new project.  We have always enjoyed poking around vintage clothing stores and flea markets, continually on the hunt for old rock tees and flannel shirts (hey, we all have our weaknesses).  These pre-worn “mementos” represented a number of things to us including pop culture, music, art, and of course the obvious, comfort. 

Over time it became clear that we had accrued a sizable collection, so now what?  To be honest, the concept of sewing an image on to a piece of clothing isn’t anything new.  Think about all that bedazzled denim in the 80’s, or what the motorcycle world did with leather vests.  We wanted to stick with what we knew and loved, you guessed it, those old tees and flans.  Marrying the two was sort of like those chocolate peanut butter cups – each part was just fine by itself, but put them together, you have something fantastic, and that’s how Band Camper was born. 

We hope that you will enjoy our collection of “Campers” just as much as we love creating them for you.